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Rental cabins at lake Matildanjärvi
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Varaa myös ilmainen saunavuoro!

Matildanjärvi cabins in Teijo National Park - stay in the middle of Finnish nature!

Matildanjärvi cabins Vaappu and Lippa are located in the southern part of Teijo National Park, along the Jeturkasti and Matildajärvi hiking trails. Nearby are the natural beaches and fishing opportunities of Matildanjärvi, the Teijo Nature Centre and the Matildanjärvi sauna, which is available free of charge to the cottages' tenants.

In the first half of 2020, the concept of the Teijon cabins was renewed and Vaapu and Lippa were transformed into well-equipped and clean wilderness cabins, where you can enjoy a real forest life.

Vaappu and Lippa are a great base for outdoor activities in Teijo National Park. Beautiful scenery, rental equipment options, a café and sauna service at the Nature Centre guarantee a successful nature experience!

Facilities and yard of the cabins

The Vaappu and Lippa frame a courtyard in the style of the old days, with a fireplace and table benches in the centre. Both cabins have two sleeping alcoves and a fireplace in the middle. The main source of heat in the cabins is a stove. Basic heating is provided by an electric radiator.

The cabins are available for rent all year round and each cabin can accommodate a maximum of 6 people. The combined maximum capacity of the cabins is 12 people.

Location and accessibility

The Matildanjärvi cabins are located in the southern part of Teijo National Park, right next to the Teijo Nature Centre. Those arriving by car can park right next to the cabins. Toilets, shower and sauna are within a short walking distance from the cabins.

In the shared outdoor yard you will find an outdoor fireplace with a barbecue grill, table benches, a firewood stove and dry toilets. The nearest shop is in the village of Teijo, about 7 km from the cottages. In the village of Mathildedal you will find restaurants and cosy little boutiques.


Vaappu and Lippa are identically equipped:

  • Beds, mattresses and pillows for 6 persons.

  • Cutlery, plates, bowls and mugs for 6 people.

  • Serving utensils, spoons, knives and other cooking utensils.

  • Drinking water container (drinking water from the Nature Centre water point)

  • Coffee pot, frying pan and two pots (1,5 l + 3 l)

  • Electric cooker, oven, fridge and stove. (basic heating with electric radiator)

  • First aid kit & first aid kit

  • Cleaning equipment

One free sauna per cabin per number of nights reserved

Accommodation includes one 1,5h shift / day / cottage. If you book both Vaapu and Lippa, you can book yourself two free sauna shifts. The sauna is located about 300 meters from the cottages.

You can book one sauna shift when you book your accommodation. You can book the rest of the sauna shifts in the messages you receive after booking.

For more information, please visit .

  • Vaappu and Lippa can be booked together or separately. If you book both cabins, you will get the yard for your private use and an extra daily sauna shift.

  • The cottages are available for the tenant on the day of arrival at. From 13.00 until 11.00 on the day of departure.

  • Accommodation is self catering and you will receive instructions for keys when you make your reservation.

  • You will be asked to clean the cabin thoroughly at the end of your stay.

  • The area is a litter-free camping area and waste is taken to the National Park collection point or away from the accommodation and the National Park.

  • Dogs are allowed, a pet fee is payable at the time of booking.