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Rent a kayak from Natura Viva's Repovesi Paddling Point and explore the national park from the water!

Go on a nature hike in Repovesi National Park. At Repovesi Paddling Point you can rent basic and excursion kayaks. Kayaks make it easy to take day trips in the waters near the national park. Overnight trips are also possible - the Repovesi National Park has a number of fire sites where you can camp at the end of your kayaking trip.

Repovesi is easily accessible, yet in the middle of the most beautiful nature. The distance to the city of Kouvola is about 40 km, as well as to the central town of Mäntyharju municipality. The national park is located in the provinces of Kymenlaakso and Etelä-Savo. Public transport connections from the Helsinki Metropolitan Area, Mikkeli and Jyväskylä to Mäntyharju and Kouvola are good, and highway 5 from Lahti to Mikkeli bypasses Repovesi National Park from the west.

The magnificent nature of Repovesi

The nature of Repovesi National Park is typical of the Finnish forest landscape at its best. The forests of the national park are mixed forests of pine, spruce and birch, with maples, linden and rowan. The glaciation has shaped the landscape, which is rocky and varied in altitude, and the highest peaks in the area, Mount Blackhammer and Mount Olhava, offer breathtaking views over the Repovesi River.

Lakes criss-cross the landscape throughout the Repovesi. Repovesi itself is a large lake on the western side of the national park. The long and narrow Kapiavesi connects Repovesi with Lake Tihvetjärvi, south of the national park. On the western side, the Repovesi River connects via Hillosensalmi to Lake Vuohijärvi, the largest lake in the area.