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Discover the gem of the Sipoo Archipelago - Norrkullalandet!

Welcome to Norrkullalandet island, where nature's tranquility meets the beauty of the sea. Norrkullalandet offers Finnish archipelago exoticism with a unique blend of serene landscapes, sandy beaches, and an array of services designed to cater to every need. Norrkullalandet is accessible by ferry service, private boats and kayaks. 

Easily Accessible, Unforgettable Experience

Reachable by ferry service and even by hovercraft in the winter, Norrkullalandet ensures that your journey is as effortless as it is thrilling. Once there, immerse yourself in the comfort of year-round cottage accommodations, indulge in the warmth of a sauna or hot tub amidst the marine nature.

Arriving at Norrkullalandet

Embark on your journey to Norrkullalandet via:

  • Sipoo municipal ferry service

  • Docking at the guest marina with your own boat

  • Charter services

  • Kayaking

For schedules and more information, check out the Pörto Line's boat timetables!

Cottages at Norrkullalandet Island

Seasong Travels awaits to enhance your visit with a variety of services tailored for nature enthusiasts, boaters, and corporate groups.

Choose from three well-equipped archipelago cottages - Ahti, Oihonna, and Olympia - available for booking all year round.