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A picnic in the Nuuksio National Park – what a great idea. There are numerous campfire sites in Nuuksio. Start the journey at the Hawk Nest base.

Crown your day outdoors with a lovely picnic. The Nuuksio National Park features several campfire sites and cooking sites. These are ideal spots for breathers, drinking breaks and picnics. Some sites also feature traditional covered tent-like structures. You can purchase conserved and packaged foodstuffs for the picnic, for instance bbq sausages, in Cafe Silva at the Hawk Nest

Some of the campfire sites are located not too far from the Hawk Nest grounds. There’s a campfire site, Haukanholma, on the shoreside of the Hawk lake, one kilometer away by foot and slightly less by canoe. There’s a spot near the site where it’s easy to go ashore. You will reach Haukanholma easily by canoe, by SUP board or by rowing boat starting out from the Hawk Nest shore. 

The Mustalampi campfire sites, two of them, are located on the shores of lake Mustalampi, an idyllic artificial lake with floating soil rafts. Less then a kilometer from Hawk Nest, these sites pose a perfect setting for a coffee break. Within some three kilometers there are two more campfire sites, the Holma-Saarijärvi with two separate premises, and Iso-Holma. 

The campfire sites and cooking sites are equipped with grills and cooking hooks for pans or pots. Remember, that during the forest fire warning, it’s not allowed to make any kind of fire, not even at the campfire sites.