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Fatbiking is great fun! Join our scheduled Fatbike tours in Nuuksio National Park or rent your own Fatbike at the Nuuksio Hawk Nest recreational center. 

Fatbike is exactly what it sounds like – a robust mountain bike equipped with multiple gears and fatter than normal tires. It’s a real fun ride and suitable for all types of soil: sand, concrete, grass, mud, even snow and ice. The Nuuksio National Park is a fine environment for fatbiking. Natura Viva arranges private Fatbike tours in the forest throughout the summer season. For self-guided trips we also rent out Fatbikes.

Guided Fatbike tours

There are private Fatbike tours available throughout the summer. The Nuuksio Fatbike adventure takes the participants through the forest, ensuring a memorable afternoon! There’s access to interesting Fatbike trails from the Hawk Nest base camp, and on the way the tour party will make a stop and enjoy a snack in the natural environment of the National Park.

We will provide the participants with transport back and forth from downtown Helsinki. This will be a Fatbike ride to rememeber! 


Also see the yearly-round scheduled Fatbike tours at Vuosaari Paddling Center in Eastern Helsinki.

Fatbike tours for groups

For bigger groups we offer various outdoor activity possibilities. If you fancy a Fatbike tour with your group, get in touch with us and we'll come up together with the best alternatives. Fatbiking as an activity can also be combined with another activity, such as canoeing or hiking. Find out more on our group pages. 

Rent a Fatbike

For self-guided bike trips we offer rental Fatbikes at the Hawk Nest. The bikes come in three different sizes and all bikes are equipped with multiple gears. Pack a lunch in the backpack and head out to the beautiful National Park! Fatbike rentals start from two hours. 

Nuuksio – a diverse Fatbike country

Observed from the Fatbike seat’s perspective, Nuuksio is an environment full of wonderful possibilities. The roundtrip around the whole Nuuksio area is about 55 kilometers, and the shortest trails inside the National Park are only a few kilometres – perfect for a relaxing and easy-going biking session. The terrain is occasionally steep and hilly and offers challenge even for a seasoned cyclist. The Fatbike itself with its multiple gears and fat tires is optimal for the conditions in Nuuksio.