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Embark on a hiking trip in the Nuuksio National Park. Start your day at Hawk Nest – coffee and maps available! Get to know the Nuuksio hiking trails. 

The Nuuksio National Park is a haven for hikers. There are various marked hiking route inside the National Park borders as well as on the greater Nuuksio area. The difficulty levels as well as the lengths of the routes vary and there are definitely routes suitable for all hikers. 

Many of the trails start off or pass by the Hawk Nest resort, therefore it’s the best location to start you day out in Nuuksio. The staff at Hawk Nest will gladly assist you with route selections, and you will also be handed a map of the routes. After a refreshing cup of coffee or lemonade you will feel revitalized and poised for the hike. 

Starting off from Hawk Nest or the vicinity are the two kilometer Punarinnankierros trail, the four kilometer Haukankierros trail and the seven kilometer Korpinkierros trail. Also the more demanding Nahkiaispolku trail, containing uneven terrain and climbs, can be easily reached from the Hawk Nest. There’s also a hiking connection to the Finnish Nature Center Haltia. This path is five kilometers one way and physically demanding. 

A hike in the National Park is a wonderful event. There’s a lot to be experienced in the nature, and the wonderful nature sight, rock formations, caves, canyons and forest lakes invite visitors to admire their pristine beauty. There are also campfire sites along the paths, suitable locations for picnic and coffee breaks.