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Rentals in Nuuksio

For a great day outdoors, look no further than to Nuuksio Hawk Nest. Equipment for outdoor activities available: Canoes, SUP boards, rowing boats and Fatbikes! 

Nuuksio is the perfect destination for a day trip from Helsinki: easy and fast to reach, stunningly beautiful and full of options for outdoor activities. This forest and lake district is situated some 35 kilometers from downtown Helsinki and definitely worth a visit. A good place to start your Nuuksio experience would be Natura Viva’s Nuuksio Hawk Nest recreational center, located inside the Nuuksio National Park on the shore of the picturesque Hawk Lake. We offer many guided tours as well as rental equipment for outdoor activities. 

Opening hours 2024 and location

Cafe Haukka is located in Nuuksio National Park, in connection with Natura Viva's Hawknest rental house. Our address is Haukkalammentie 32, 02820 Espoo.

May 4.5.-31.5.

Closed on weekdays

Sat 10 - 18

Sun 12 - 17

June, July and August 1.6.-25.8.

Weekdays 12 - 20

Sat 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.

Sun 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.

August to September 26.8.-15.9.

Closed on weekdays

Sat 12 - 17*

Sun 12 - 17

*31 Aug. Night of the Lanterns event. Exceptional opening hours from 12-23.30.

Join the 30th anniversary celebrations of Nuuksio at Haltia Nature Centre, see the brand new exhibition, bring your own lantern, join the lantern parade and let your light shine. More information on the event coming soon.

*Snowshoe hire is available throughout the snowy season at Haukkalampi.

Reservations for rentals and tours

You can make your reservation online or also conviniently at the Hawk Nest. All reservations, online or on location, are to be paid beforehand. Please begin by choosing the product/model you wish to rent and the rental time. You can add several products to your reservation. 

Over 24 h rentals can be booked through our office. Please contact us at info@naturaviva.fi or call +358 10 292 4030. We will gladly assist you with all inquiries.

Payment options

The online reservation can be paid with a credit or debit card (Visa credit/debit, MasterCard credit/debit, Visa Electron), with Finnish web bank connections or via PayPal. At the Hawk Nest we accept debit and credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Visa Electron). If you have employee benefits from a Finnish company, we accept the following: Smartum, Edenred, Tyky/virike, Epassi.

Open Canoes

The open canoe is most suitable for river trips and sheltered waters, and as so perfect for the often calm weather conditions at the Hawk Lake. Open canoes are paddled with a single-blade paddle and they have a lot of room for your gear. All our open canoes are equipped with an additional bench and can carry two adults and two children. 

All open canoe rentals also include canoe paddles, personified floating device (pfd) and bailer.

We also offer open canoes for rent in the Vuosaari Paddling Center, Helsinki.

SUP boards

Stand Up Paddling in Nuuksio is an unforgettable experience. This fun and trendy water sport activity will be easily uptaken on the calm Hawk Lake waters. Our highest quality SUP boards will make make your SUP session enjoyable. The boards are available in two sizes. 

All SUP board rentals also include paddle, leash ja pfd. There are also SUP board activities available at the Vuosaari Paddling Center, Helsinki.

Rowing boats

A rowing trip on a traditional Finnish rowing boat is a very relaxing way to spend the day out! Our rowing boats are light and easy to handle, and they will be able to carry three persons. Buy some foods to go from Cafe Haukka at the Hawk Nest and head on to the lake for a nice summer rowing session. 

All rowing boat rentals also include oars, pfd and bailer. There are also rowing boats for rent at the Vuosaari Paddling Center, Helsinki.


Fatbikes are very well suited for the diverse terrains in the Nuuksio district. You have steep hills, thick forests and wide open grounds – surrounded by the small lakes and ponds. This makes Nuuksio the perfect location for a bike trip. Our Fatbikes come in three frame sizes and are equipped with multiple gears and fat tires, suitable for all soil types. Rent yourself a bike and start exploring the exciting surroundings of Nuuksio. 

All Fatbike rentals also include a helmet. Also check out the Fatbike activities at the Vuosaari Paddling Center, Helsinki.

Snowshoe rental in Nuuksio National Park

During the winter season we offer self-service snowshoe rental at Nuuksio Hawk Nest. We have adult snowshoes in two sizes, and also children's showshoes in two sizes. You can rent the snowshoes for a day (starting from 10 am until 10 pm) or for 24 hours. Come and experience the Finnish forest in the wintertime!

The snowshoe season is dependent on the amount of snow and thus very unpredictable. This is why we don't open our reservation calendar too far in advance, as we want to make sure the conditions are perfect for you snowshoeing adventure in Nuuksio.