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Sauna is an essential part of the Nordic culture. Natura Viva offers a rental sauna in Nuuksio National Park. Book a sauna for your travel group!

For a genuine Finnish experience one of course has to attend a sauna. You simply cannot leave the country without a sauna session! Natura Viva has multiple sauna options for you in the Nuuksio National Park. These can be rented to private groups and also catering can be ordered. The Nuuksio National Park sets a truly unique mood for a relaxing sauna session – something You can’t experience anywhere else than in the middle of the Finnish wilderness.

Hawk Nest Sauna

Situated beside the Nuuksio Hawk Nest base camp and Cafe Silva, Hawk Nest Sauna can be booked for private groups. The sauna can fit six people in at the time, but as the premises include a cozy fireplace room, even bigger groups can attend and take turns in the actual hotroom. As this traditional wood-heated sauna is built next to the Hawk Lake, there's also the possibility for a cooling dip in the lake water – very traditional and very Finnish indeed! Book your Hawk Nest sauna experience now.


Sauna can be reserved for private use beforehand with an online booking. 

Nuuksio forest lodges and saunas

Natura Viva also offers two genuine forest lodges for rent. These authentic loggers’ cabins, Oravankolo and Tikankolo, also include separate sauna buildings – book a cabin and a sauna experience to your group and follow the original trails of the forest-workers of the 1950s.

Both lodges can accommodate six people in very authentic conditions and of course are situated on lake shores. How else would one cool and wash up after the sauna than to jump in to the lake? As the lodges and saunas are available for rent troughout the year, a winter sauna is also a very recommendable experience. The bravest ones can even jump in the snow or carve a hole in the frozen lake ice and dip in the icy water in-between. This is actually something a lot of Finns do voluntarely during the winter season – it's good for the skin and blood circulation, they say!

Book a lodge and feel the real Suomi-sauna vibes!