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Want to spend the night in Teijo National Park? We have cabins and camping spaces for rent. Ask also for accommodation tips for Southern Finland. 

Teijo National Park is a great and interesting visiting destination in Southern Finland, with numerous accommodation possibilities. For every budget, from free-of-charge tent accommodation to bed&breakfasts, hostels, inns, hotels and high-end villas, spending the night in Teijo is a memorable experience. When you are going through options for your optimal accommodation in Teijo, don’t hesitate to ask us – Natura Viva will gladly help you out with the best accommodation possibilities.

Cabins at lake Matildanjärvi

Natura Viva offers two lakeshore cabins for rent in Teijo National Park, the ”Vaappu” and the ”Lippa”. These six-person cabins are located within a short walking distance to Teijo Nature Center and provide you with the optimal setting for your vacation in the wild. 

Our cabins are well equipped with adequate kitchen and household equipment. There is electric lighting and heating. As the cabins are not intertwined with the water grid, free-of-charge drinking water has to be fetched from Teijo Nature Center, located some 300 meters from the cabins. There are two outhouse toilets in connection to the cabins.  All cabin tenants are entitled to daily free one-hour shifts at the lakeshore sauna, located some 300 meters from the cabins on the Matildanjärvi lakeshore. 

The cabins are located around a common garden. There you will find a fireplace, an outdoor kitchen, a smoker pot for fish and tables and benches for 12 people. Enjoying a meal outside within the woods on the Matildanjärvi lakeshore is a wonderful experience. 

Being originally built as fishers’ lodges, the location of ”Vaappu” and ”Lippa” makes for the perfect setting for a fishing trip on lake Matildanjärvi, a special fishing destination with introduced rainbow trout. Of course the cabins also offer relaxation for the whole family’s summer vacation. The hiking trails in Teijo are easily reachable from the cabins, as are the three seashore villages, with their small shops, cafes and pubs. 

Check out the booking calendar for ”Vaappu” and ”Lippa” and book your summer accommodation in Teijo now.

Teijo Caravan Park

There are 19 camping spaces in Teijo National Park, located beside Teijo Nature Center. These parking spaces can fit in a camper van, a caravan or a trailer, and each parking space is equipped with an 230V electricity socket. Here you will encounter the authentic caravan vibes, hear the best stories from the road and get to know the other holiday-makers. 

Free drinking water is provided at the nearby Teijo Nature Center, and there are also showers and washrooms there. At the Nature Center Café foodstuffs, beverages, snacks and warm drinks can be purchased and enjoyed. 

Book your camping space for summer 2021 now!


Camping in Teijo

Temporary tenting is among citizens’ rights in Finland. This means you are allowed to hoist your tent wherever you want in the wilderness, as long as you are not entering private property. 

In Teijo you can camp everywhere, but it is advisable to build your tent in the vicinity of the national park’s numerous designated rest areas. Altogether there are 13 of them in the national park, and seven of them feature a traditional wanderer’s hut, a wooden canopy providing shelter from the rain. 

It is recommended you erect your tent around these premises, as they feature campfire sites and outhouses and are usually located on the most magnificent nature spots in the national park. And of course you meet other hikers here: sit by the campfire, enjoy your food supplies and engage in interesting conversations. 

When setting up your camp in Teijo National Park, always respect nature. Do not camp where it’s specifically prohibited and do not erect your tent on delicate plants and vegetation. Natura Viva is there for you with all your questions – meet us at the Teijo Nature Center!

Wanderers’ huts at Teijo 

These traditional shelters are free for all to use and are also suitable for sleeping as such. The wooden canopies don’t have doors, but still you have enough shelter from the rain. Place your mattress and sleeping bag on the canopy floor and sleep outside below the starry skies.

Hotels, hostels and inns in Teijo

There are numerous providers of accommodation services both in Teijo National Park and in the surrounding regions. You can choose your stay from hotels, inns, hostels, bed&breakfasts and rental villas. Please read the list of accommodation providers. 


Hotel Mathildedal: Small and cozy hotel, located in the Mathildedal village on the seashore. Address: Ruukinrannatie 6, FI-25660 Salo.

Hoitola ja majoitus Sypressi: Bed&Breakfast-type home accomodation. Address: Matildan puistotie 6, FI-25660 Salo.

PetriS Chocolate Bed & Breakfast:  Spend a night at a chocolate factory, which used to be an old village school building. Address: Tullintie 17, FI-25660 Salo.

Matildan Marina:  An inn with 6 modern & stylish 1–3 persons rooms. Address: Ruukinrannantie 4, FI-25660 Salo.

Meri-Ruukin lomakylä: 20 rental cabins. Address: Kiikunmäentie 25, FI-25660 Salo.

Hotelli Kirjakkalan Ruukkikylä: A nice hotel in the Kirjakkala village, at the seashore. Address: Hamarijärventie 62, FI-25570 Salo.

Teijon Masuuni: A hostel by the sea, at the historic iron-works facilities. Address: Telakkatie 17, FI-25570 Salo.