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There are 12 campfire sites in Teijo National park. Hiking in nature is great fun in Southern Finland, come to Teijo and visit Natura Viva when starting your hike. 

Need a short break on your hike? It is definitely nice to sit down for a second, maybe cook a coffee and roast a sausage on the campfire and just experience the nature in Teijo National Park at its finest. Teijo National Park is a great hiking destination in Southern Finland with its many services for outdoor lovers.  

There are over 50 kilometers of marked hiking trails in Teijo National Park, and along the paths there are altogether 12 campfire sites, all marked in hikers’ maps. Seven of the campfire sites also include a wanderers’ hut, a wooden, doorless shelter suitable for sleeping – just bring a mattress and a sleeping bag.

Campfire sites on Teijo National Park islands

Iso-Holma island, which is located off the Teijo coast on the sea, is a part of Teijo National Park. Two of the 12 campfire sites, the Meriholma Laavu and the Malmvikinlahti campfire site, are located on the island, which is only reachable with private boat transport for the time being.

Another Iso-Holma island (yes – the same name!) is located in lake Matildanjärvi. There’s also a campfire site on this small lake inlet. You can rent out a kayak, a canoe, a SUP board or a rowing boat from Natura Viva’s rental shop at Teijo Nature Center and head on the inlet – it makes for a fantastic nature trip and you’ll be back before sundown.

Advice on the use of campfire sites in Teijo

By Finnish every persons rights you are allowed to build your tent anywhere in nature as long as you are not disturbing the peace or entering private property. 

Thus tenting is also allowed in Teijo National Park – however it is recommended you build your camp adjacent to the official campfire sites. All the campfire sites have an outhouse and a woodshed, and there is usually suitable terrain space for building a tent. Respect the delicate nature and vegetation when erecting your tent and always take all litter with you. 

During regional forest fire alarm season it is strictly prohibited to make a fire, also on Teijo National Park campfire sites. You can check the forest fire alarm situation at Teijo Nature Center before embarking on your trek – Natura Viva is there for you for all your questions. There are also maps available, with the official campfire sites marked.

Foodstuffs to go or enjoy a coffee

Teijo Nature Center is the optimal starting point for your nature excursion. You’ll get all the useful and necessary up-to-date weather and nature info at the Nature Center, and also maps, fishing permits and rental equipment is available there. 

You can also purchase foodstuffs to go from Teijo Nature Center Café – canned and packed foods, savory snacks, sweet bakings, ice cream and candy, cold and warm beverages. Grab a coffee before you go!