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When you are planning a fishing trip in Southern Finland, come to Teijo National Park. Lake Matildanjärvi is a wonderful fishing trip destination.

Fishing is one of the many attractions of Teijo National Park. Lake Matildanjärvi is a special fishing destination, with a stocked rainbow trout population. Altogether there are five major lakes in Teijo National Park, and the seashore is just a few kilometers away. Get you fishing permits from Natura Viva at Teijo Nature Center and head on the fishing waters.

Fishing at lake Matildanjärvi

Lake Matildanjärvi is a special fishing destination, maintained by Metsähallitus, the state-owned company responsible of the management of nature areas in Finland. Metsähallitus practices fish stocking in lake Matildanjärvi, introducing catch-sized rainbow trout, a non-endemic species to Finnish nature, to the lake on a regular basis. Along rainbow trout other recreationally caught fish in lake Matildanjärvi include the abundant, endemic Finnish fish species pike and perch, and the rare, introduced species arctic char and brown trout.

A permit is required for all fishing at lake Matildanjärvi. In addition a fishery maintenance fee needs to be payed when fishing with lures. 

Other fishing options in Teijo

There are plenty of fish on the Teijo lakes, including all abundant endemic Finnish fish species. Introduced eel can still sometimes be caught at lake Hamarijärvi, the biggest lake in the national park.

The once abundant endemic European crayfish perished to crayfish plague in the 20th century, but has been re-introduced in the Teijo lakes, to some success. Also the North American introduced species signal crayfish can be caught in Teijo. The European crayfish is critically endangered in Finland, and special rules apply to catching all crayfish in Finland. 

It is a citizen’s right in Finland to fish with a hook and a line and to practice ice fishing. These rights don’t apply to lake Matildanjärvi, where you need a permit for all fishing. You will however need a fishing permit to all lakes and coastal waters in Teijo, when fishing with lures and nets. In addition a fishery maintenance fee needs to be payed.

When fishing, only take full-grown fish and release undersized individuals back in the water. Do not take any fish of endangered species – please read more at WWF fish guide. Read more about local and temporary fishing restrictions in Finland: www.kalastusrajoitus.fi 

Natura Viva will be happy to give more information on all fishing-related matters and questions – visit us at Teijo Nature Center. 

Rent a rowing boat

Visit Natura Viva at Teijo Nature Center and rent a rowing boat. Head on lake Matildanjärvi and try your luck with fishing.

Book a fisher's cabin for your fishing trip

Natura Viva offers two rental cabins in Teijo National Park. “Vaappu” and “Lippa” are located on the Matildanjärvi lakeshore, and both can fit in 6 persons. Originally built as fishers’ lodges, these cabins are the perfect homebase for your fishing trip in Teijo.