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Hiking in Southern Finland: Visit Natura Viva in Teijo and embark on a hiking trip. There are over 50 kilometers of hiking routes in Teijo National Park.

Teijo National Park is a fascinating hiking destination in Southern Finland. With its diverse nature and great services for all outdoor lovers, Teijo is definitely worth the trip.

There are over 50 kilometers of marked hiking trails in Teijo National Park. Some of them are easy and suitable for all outdoor enthusiasts, while some trails with rocky terrains and steep uphills require a bit of previous hiking experience and physical prowess. Some trails with their paved surfaces are also suitable for wheelchairs. All of the Finnish nature is present in Teijo, from forests to swamplands to lakeshores to seacoasts. 

There are altogether 13 campfire sites and rest areas among the marked trails, where the hiker can sit and rest for a moment, cook a coffee pot and enjoy the nature settings. Before embarking on your hiking excursion, visit Natura Viva at Teijo Nature Center, where we provide you with all the information you need for your stay in Teijo National Park. Grab a coffee at the Nature Center Café before heading out into the woods.

Overnight hiking trips in Teijo

When embarking on an overnight hiking trip in Teijo, the hiker can take advantage of the numerous wanderers’ shelters, scattered among the trails in the national park. It is also allowed to build your tent in the national park, as long as you caress the delicate nature and vegetation and avoid private properties. 

Natura Viva also offers two forest cabins for rent in Teijo National Park. The ”Vaappu” and the ”Lippa” are traditional fishers’ cabins, located on the beautiful Matildanjärvi lakeshore. Book a cabin from us and spend the night in Teijo. Additionally, there are 19 parking spaces with electricity sockets for caravans and mobile homes in the vicinity of Teijo Nature Center. 

Below you will find more information about the hiking routes in Teijo.