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Visit our lovely cafeteria in the middle of nature. Teijo Nature Center Café is located in Teijo National Park, west coast in Southern Finland. 

It sure is nice to enjoy a cup of coffee and a snack before or after your nature trip. Visit Natura Viva’s Teijo Nature Center Café and enjoy our sortiment of cold and warm beverages, savoury or sweet snacks, ice cream and candy. You can also buy foodstuffs to go and to be enjoyed during your nature excursion.  

Teijo Nature Center Café is located in connection to Teijo Nature Center, Natura Viva’s depot in the heart of Teijo National Park. The Nature Center sits on a beautiful spot at the Matildanjärvi lakeshore. You can enjoy your purchases outside on the terrace or inside the Nature Center, which itself is a lovely old wooden house with age-old charm. 

Teijo day starts at Nature Center

Teijo Nature Center is the obvious starting point for a grand day out in Teijo National Park. In addition to Teijo Nature Center Café, Natura Viva hosts a rental shop in the premises, with a wide variety of rental outdoor equipment: kayaks, canoes, SUP boards and rowing boats for watersports, and Fatbikes for bike excursions in the region. (LINKKI)

Teijo Nature Center Café also serves as the drinking water filling station, for all outdoor trekkers and Teijo Caravan Park residents. Here you will also find showers and restrooms.  

Teijo Nature Center is located on the starting point of the hiking trail leading around lake Matildanjärvi. This 5,5 kilometer hike is suitable for the whole family and takes you to some really beautiful nature spots along the way. Read more about Teijo National Park hiking trails (LINKKI).

You can also book your sauna session at the Lakeshore Sauna at the Nature Center. This traditional Finnish sauna lies at the Matildanjärvi lakeshore, and no forest trip is completed without a warming and a relaxing sauna session. Read more about the sauna bookings. (LINKKI)

Nature Viva also offers two forest cabins for rent in the national park. ”Vaappu” and ”Lippa” were originally built as fishers’ logdes, and they pack an instant wilderness charm. Read more about the cabin bookings here.

Teijo Nature Center and Café, address:

Address: Matildanjärventie 84, FI-25660 Salo. The premises are located in the Southern part of Teijo National Park. Adjacent to the Nature Center, the Matildanjärvi parking area serves all customers throughout the year. 

Please read the directions page for more details.

Opening hours 2023 Teijo Nature Center & Cafe Tilda

May-June 05.05.2023-04.06.2023


Fri 14-18

Sat 10-16

Sun 10-14

June-July 05.06.2023-02.07.2023

Every day 11-18 

July-August 03.07.2023-27.08.2023

Every day 10-18 

August-September 28.08.2023-15.10.2023


Fri 14-18

Sat 10-14

Sun 10-14

September 16.10.2023-22.10.2023

Every day 10-14

Read also about Natura Viva’s other rental shops in Helsinki Paddling Center and in Nuuksio Hawk Nest.