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Searching for a rental party venue in nature in Southern Finland. Vicksbäck Lapp Hut in Teijo National Park can fit in 50 persons, beautiful lakeshore location!

Vicksbäck Lapp Hut is a traditional Finnish Lappland hut, and it nicely completes the variety of Natura Viva’s rental premises in Teijo National Park, on the western coast in Southern Finland. This party venue on the middle of nature on a beautiful lakeshore location can fit in 50 persons. Vicksbäck Lapp Hut is your perfect choice for a birthday party, a graduation celebration or friends’ day out in the Finnish wild. 

The hut sits on a lakeshore spot, at the pristine lake Matildanjärvi, in the middle of Teijo National Park. Tied Nature Center, Natura Viva’s depot in the national park is located on the other side of lake Matildanjärvi, about one kilometer distance from the hut. 

You will find all Natura Viva’s services at the Nature Center, among them Teijo Nature Center Café and Natura Viva’s rental shop for outdoor equipment, such as kayaks, canoes, SUP boards, rowing boats and Fatbikes. 

Vicksbäck Lapp Hut is available for rent throughout the year.