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Natura Viva is a responsible choice!

Natura Viva has always offered services in nature. It is very important to us that future generations have the same opportunity to relax, learn and enjoy new experiences in nature. You can trust that the service you buy from Natura Viva is produced responsibly.

Sustainability is not only about everyday actions, but also about continuous improvement

With us, you move in nature using only muscle power - paddling, swimming and cycling. We are happy to tell you about the nature in our areas of operation and about the nearby nature reserves. We plan our canoeing and cycling routes based on existing routes and in national parks in cooperation with Metsähallitus. With our services, you can spend a responsible summer holiday with local tourism and outdoor activities. With our season pass concept, our outdoor equipment is shared and a viable alternative to owning outdoor equipment is available.

We recycle our waste, monitor our water and electricity consumption. Based on our observations, we make changes that improve our energy efficiency and reduce unnecessary water consumption. All the accommodation we offer is certified as sustainable with the Green Key certificate. Our activities have earned us the Sustainable Travel Finland label. The label is awarded to companies in the travel industry that take sustainability into account in their business operations and are committed to sustainability in the future.

What can you do?

We believe that people who enjoy our services have the opportunity to develop their own relationship with nature. Nature gives us time to relax and resources for everyday life. We hope that our customers will behave responsibly, both when using our services and in other ways. When in nature, always consider other users, nature reserves and animals. Please do not leave litter in the countryside and, where possible, use public transport.