Environmental accountability

The company Natura Viva was born out of the desire to bring people closer to nature, and this mindset drives our company to this day.

With Natura Viva you can paddle on the Helsinki archipelago, drive around on a Fatbike along the pathways in the Helsinki Metropolitan forests, and enjoy nature in the national parks in Nuuksio and in Teijo.

As we thrive to bring our customers to the Finnish nature, all our operations must be undertaken with the utmost environmental accountability. We want to set an example in environmental accountability and sustainability. We take pride in it and rejoice that sustainable thinking more and more permeates the tourist and recreational industry in Finland. 

We trust that environmentally sustainable processes also reach our customers and co-operation parents. Let us all respect and conserve nature together, so we can enjoy nature and its recreational possibilities for the foreseeable future. 

Natura Vivas environmental accountability goals, 2021

  • Improving the company's internal communication in the fields of environmental accountability.
  • Communicating environmental accountability in marketing, promotion, and customer service.
  • Launching of environmentally sustainable private tours