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Tikankolo - wilderness cabin in Nuuksio National Park
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Tikankolo - a traditional wilderness cabin in Nuuksio National Park!

Tikankolo was originally built as a lumberjack's lodge in the mid-20th century. Tikankolo, situated in its own private setting on the shores of Saarilampi, consists of a log cabin and a sauna building. Tikankolo has seen many a traveller - the cabin's fine, time-patinated log walls tell a quiet story of times gone by.

Since 2019, Tikankolo has been rented out as a well-equipped and tidy wilderness cabin that is sure to satisfy the desires of any nature lover. Book well in advance - Tikankolo and Oravankolo wilderness cabins are very popular.

Tikankolo facilities and courtyard

The main building of Tikankolo has two rooms with fireplaces, a room and a sleeping chamber. The separate sauna building has a good-sized sauna, a dressing room and a wood storage. There is a dry latrine in the courtyard of Tikankolo.

  • Tikankolo is used all year round and is suitable for a maximum of 6 people.

  • It has its own beach and jetty. The beach is shallow and there is a large rock in front of the pier.

  • There is no possibility of open water swimming.

  • No electricity or running water - bring the necessary water and lighting.

Services for groups:

  • Tikankolo environment and surroundings are suitable for small groups and additional group services.

  • For groups more than six people, we charge a group fee of €100 in addition to the accommodation. This fee covers the higher load on the site (toilets, firewood, terrain) and a site check after the group's visit.

Location and accessibility

Tikankolo is located on the western edge of Nuuksio National Park, on the shore of Saarilampi Lake. You can reach Tikankolo by public transport, hiking and by car:

  • Western Valklammentie parking lot is located about 1 km from Tikankolo.

  • The other public car parks in the area are located at Kattila, Haukkalampi and Haltia Nature Centre.

  • The easiest access by public transportation is from the Kattila car park, which is about 4 km from Tikankolo.

Tikankolo 360 - the best way to discover accommodation!

Use the links below to enter Tikankolo and view the accommodation.



  • Cutlery, plates, bowls and mugs for six people

  • Gas stove, Gas cylinders and stove

  • Knives and other cooking utensils, serving dishes, diagonal grill

  • Coffee pot, frying pan and two pots (1,5l + 3l)

  • Cleaning equipment, first aid kit & fire-aid

  • Beds, mattresses and pillows for 6 persons.

  • Solar powered lighting (electricity not guaranteed in winter)


  • Changing room and large steam room - sauna stove and bucket

  • Washing facilities (sauna, buckets, bucket and pail)

  • Kaira and open-air pump

  • Wood store, firewood, axe & fire-aid.


  • Private beach, benches & outdoor fireplace with grate

  • Own pots and pans for open fire (found in storage)

Always take one with you:

Necessary lighting (matches/torch). Toilet paper, matches and sleeping bags. There is no drinking water well at Tikankolo, so be sure to bring drinking water and water for cooking when you arrive.

For more information:

  • Tikankolo is available to the tenant from 13:00 on the day of arrival until 11:00 on the day of departure.

  • Keys are available in the smart key box on arrival. Your personal PIN code will be delivered one week before the start of your stay.

  • The tenant is responsible for the cleanliness of the accommodation, the yard and the associated facilities. The tenant will leave the Tikankolo in a tidy condition for the next tenant.

  • The Tikankolo is a litter-free camping site:

    • Bio-waste in the toilet with the litter.

    • Incineration of burnable rubbish in the sauna oven or in the cabin's chimney. No rubbish may be left for the next lighters.

    • All other garbage must be hauled away - Do not leave any food waste in the Tikankolo.

  • Dogs are allowed at Tikankolo, pet fee must be paid at the time of booking.

    • All pet waste and hair must be cleaned up - beds must be properly secured.