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A kayak course is a great way to learn the necessary skills and have fun on the water! Join us on our sea kayaking courses in Helsinki.

Fancy a kayak trip on your visit to Helsinki but you feel you lack the necessary skills for it? No worries: just participate on our Sea Kayak beginners course and afterwards you will be good to go on a guided kayak tour or your self-guided kayak trip.

All our courses are conducted by qualified kayak guides and personnel. You will be taught all necessary paddling techiques and skills. Our paddling courses are based on the European EPP paddling certificate, which is a useful tool in determining one's skill level and fields of improvenment. 

Beginner's courses and courses for advanced paddlers

The featured paddling courses at Vuosaari Paddling Center include both beginner's courses and courses for advanced paddlers. The beginner's course follows the guidelines set by the Finnish Canoeing and Rowing Federation (https://www.melontajasoutuliitto.fi/). Once you've succesfully completed the beginner's course, you will posess the necessary skills to further improve your paddling independently.

Our advanced technique courses further improve your skills learned on the beginner's course. When you know your technique, paddling becomes so much more enjoyable!  

Learn the necessary safety skills

We also conduct paddling safety courses at Vuosaari Paddling Center. You will learn all-important, crucial methods for keeping yourself safe on the sea. Sometimes it can happen that a kayak dips – you have to know the correct procedures in order to make the dangerous situation less acute. You will also learn how to avoid putting yourself in a risky situation in the first place while paddling. Our specialized kayak roll clinics concentrate in this important skill.