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What is a season pass?

The season pass gives you unlimited access to outdoor equipment of your choice in carefully selected nature sites

The service is unique and difficult to match. All nature sites are within easy reach. As a season ticket holder, you can reserve, collect and return equipment on your own. The equipment is available to you between 05.00 and 00.00 most days.

A museum card, access to Skipper's boat, a city bike, a serial ticket or a gym membership are logically close to the ideology of a season ticket, but the price of a season ticket valid for a calendar year is something quite different.

What's unique about a season ticket?

  1. A season pass holder can use outdoor equipment without any limit, even every day, without any hourly limit. 

  2. The equipment is of high quality, well maintained and there is plenty to choose from for everyone, both in terms of equipment and nature destinations.

  3. The facilities are accessible by public transport.

  4. Access to guided weekly excursions is available for a €10 booking fee. Tours are organised from the beginning of May to the end of September. 

How to book equipment?

The season ticket purchaser will receive their own login to the booking system and instructions on how to use the system. You can make your reservation independently, easily and quickly using your mobile phone or computer. 

Why buy a season ticket?

The long life cycle of the equipment, shared use and circular economy thinking are at the heart of the season ticket service. With a season pass, you can go outdoors from ten different points without having to carry equipment, use a car or worry about whether equipment is available. As a season ticket holder, we take care of the basic maintenance and storage of the equipment. You can concentrate on enjoying the outdoors!

What else are you waiting for?

  • If you go to enjoy the joy of the outdoors once at each nature site, the cost per session will be around €25.

  • If you use the equipment once a week all year round, your outdoor activities will cost around €4-5/week

  • If you rent all the listed outdoor equipment once a year for a day, it will be cheaper for you to buy an Outdoor season pass than to rent equipment or buy your own.

Expensive or cheap?

To help you decide what to buy, consider how much money you spend each month on wellbeing and comfort, such as...

  • takeaway coffee?

  • nicotine products?

  • shopping?

  • gym memberships or other hobbies?

Sensible reasons to buy a season ticket

  • Ease, convenience, ecology, cost-effectiveness, responsibility

  • you can pay for your season ticket with sports benefits

  • free of charge for children under 15 years of age

  • rowing boat and canoeing with friends free of charge

  • a dedicated Facebook group for season ticket holders, where you can find an outdoor friend in all weathers and for all sports

  • season ticket holders are among the first to receive newsletters with information on current events

  • season ticket holders * receive benefits from Natura Viva services, e.g. renting a dry suit at a low price, participating in certain excursions at a reduced price or free of charge

(* not applicable to business and community season cards)

Season ticket options

  • Outdoor season pass - entitles you to use all outdoor facilities for the calendar year

  • Kayak season pass - entitles you to use kayaks

  • SUP season ticket - entitles you to use SUP boats

  • Experimental season ticket - entitles the holder to use all outdoor equipment for one month

  • Business and Community Season Pass - entitles the holder to use all outdoor equipment for one calendar year

Equipment used with an outdoor season ticket / company and community season ticket

  • kayaks

  • SUP boards

  • fatbikes

  • canoes

  • rowing boats 

  • snowshoes