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Rental Sauna in Teijo National Park
From €55.00 / 1 h 30 min
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Experience a traditional Finnish sauna in Teijo National Park. Rent a sauna session from Natura Viva.

A sauna session in the Matildanjärvi lakeshore sauna is a wonderful experience. Sweat the day's work off in the sauna, sit at the terrace, admire the view over lake Matildanjärvi and go for a dip in the lake.  

The wood-built sauna sits on a beautiful nature spot at the Matildanjärvi lakeshore. In addition to the electricity-heated hotroom, the sauna building includes a separate shower room with running water, a locker room and a terrace with a magnificent view over lake Matildanjärvi. The hotroom can fit in 6–8 persons at a time, and on the terrace there are seats for 10 people. 

There's a public swimming spot with a sandy beach in the lakeshore beside the sauna. A refreshing dip in the lake after an intense sauna session is definitely a part of the traditional Finnish sauna experience. 

Sauna bookings and usage

The electric sauna operates on a self-service basis. This means the booker has to heat the sauna, if the previous user hasn't heated it already. 

It's easy: book your 1,5 hour sauna session beforehand in Natura Viva's online booking service, and you'll get a pin code which starts working 1 hour before the reservation begins. Walk to the sauna 1 hour before the start of your sauna session. If a red light is on in the outer sauna wall, this means the sauna is turned on already. If the light is off, go in the sauna and switch it on. 

The sauna door is locked and can be opened with a key found in a smart locker, located beside the sauna front door. The pin code to the smart locker will be sent to the person making the cabin reservation. 

If you want to book the sauna for a longer session, please contact Natura Viva via e-mail (info@naturaviva.fi) or phone during Teijo Nature Center opening hours (+358 10 292 40 32). 

Other info

The Matildanjärvi lakeshore sauna is located on a popular spot in Teijo National Park, and there might be other people walking around in the area. Please wear a swimsuit in the swimming spot and on the sauna terrace. 

The sauna bookings don't include towels. They can be rented separately at Teijo Nature Center.