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There are various points of interest in Nuuksio National Park. Visit Natura Viva at Hawk Nest and explore this great nature zone in the greater Helsinki area.  

When embarking on a grand day out in the Nuuksio National Park, start your day in Hawk Nest – enjoy a coffee, take a look at the rental equipment and familiarize yourself with the Nuuksio map and its nature sights. Explore and experience Nuuksio! 

Nuuksio is a fairly sized nature destination with an area of about 50 square kilometers within the borders of the National Park. With Natura Viva’s rental equipment you’ll have no trouble finding your way around in Nuuksio. We rent water equipment such as canoes, SUP boards and rowing boats as well as Fatbike all-terrain bikes at the Hawk Nest. Embark on a paddling or rowing trip on Hawk Lake or head to the forest by bike or by foot. Make sure to see the following points of interest. 

The Finnish Nature Centre Haltia 

Haltia is Natura Viva’s co-operation partner in Nuuksio. The centre is located just outside the National Park bounds, address Nuuksiontie 84, FI-02820 Espoo. 
There are changing, nature themed exhibitions and meeting rooms available for rent. The restaurant and cafe are open Tue-Sun 10H–17H all year around. 

The lake Mustalampi turf rafts 

This artificial lake is located some 500 meters to the north from Hawk Nest. The floating turf rafts got loose from the soil and remained floating on the surface, when the lake was created through dam-building in the 1950s. There are a campfire site and a camping site on the shoreside, so this would be a recommendable place for a picnic. 

The Myllypuro valley

First village-like settlements appeared in the Nuuksio district around 12th century. In later centuries many lands within Finland were cultivated through a distinctive croft system, where the peasants rented the land and the living premises from the landlord. The remnants of these dwellings can be seen in the Myllypuro valley. The Haukankierros hiking trail will lead to Myllypuro. 

The Kattilantie pothole

Potholes, or giant’s kettles, are large holes carved on cliffs and rocks by the melting waters after the last ice age. This pothole stands even today as a marker on the borders of Espoo and Vihti cities, and can be found on the eastern part of the National Park, pretty accurately about four kilometers north from Hawk Nest. 

The Soidinsuo swamp

The biggest pristine swamp in the greater Nuuksio district is located some five kilometers south from the Hawk Nest. The hiking trail back and forth is 12 kilometers long. 

The Vähä-Hauklampi cave

There are several caves in the Nuuksio National Park, of which this might be the most imposing. Being seven meters deep and four meters high, it is a magnificent sight. The cave is located on the northern side of Hawk Lake and can be reached by following the Haukankierros hiking trail and deviating slightly from the path after Hawk Lake. 

The Kattila estate

This estate with its beautiful functionalism-style main building is found in the northern part of the Nuuksio National Park, about two kilometers distance as the crow flies from the Hawk Nest. 

Originally thought as a rest-home for the retired employees of his magazine, the media mogul Eljas Erkko sold the estate in the 1930s. The next owner, a religious society, had the beautiful, functionalism-styled main building, popular at the time in Finland, built on the premises. The villa stands still today and is definitely worth a look. 

In the 1970s the estate was taken over by the City of Helsinki, who handed it over to the Finnish state, to be a part of the Nuuksio National Park, in 1996. 

The hike to Kattila estate will be about four kilometers. You can also rent a Fatbike and ride the National Park bike roads there from Hawk Lake.