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By committing to sustainability programmes, we are supported in developing sustainability and know with certainty that we are doing the right things. Below, we present the programmes to which Natura Viva is committed.

Sustainable Travel Finland

The idea behind the Sustainable Travel Finland label is to provide businesses and destinations with a concrete sustainable tourism toolkit to facilitate the adoption of sustainable measures and choices in the everyday life of a region or business.

The label has provided us with an excellent toolkit for developing sustainability-related issues. Our responsible person attends Sustainable Travel Finland's training courses every year.

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Green key

A Green Key branded accommodation is committed to raising environmental awareness among staff and guests, improving energy and water efficiency and reducing the environmental impact of its accommodation operations.

Green Key provides us with a benchmark against which we can measure our own performance in relation to the environment. Green Key provides certification for companies providing accommodation services, but we have also adopted the criteria for our other business activities in addition to our accommodation.

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Metsähallitus Parter Company

We offer tourism services in the Teijo and Nuuksio National Parks and are naturally committed to the Forestry Commission's principles of sustainable tourism:

1, We support the preservation of the values of the sites and promote their protection.

2. We minimise the impact on the environment.

3. promote the well-being and health of the destinations

4. promote local economic growth and job creation

5. Communicate the values and services of the site together

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Sustainable tourism in protected areas, Ilkka Lariola (in Finnish)

Hållbar turism I skyddsområden, Ilkka Lariola (in Swedish)

Sustainable tourism in protected areas, Ilkka Lariola (in english)