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Tentsile at Myllyjärvi Lakeshore
From €149.00 / d
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Lake Myllyjärvi, near Fiskars Villge in Southern Finland is a great nature destination. Spend a Finnish Summer night in a Tentsile at the lakeshore. 

Tentsile Tree Tent is a popular and trendy tent, which is hung from the tree-trunks about one meter above ground level – sort of a cross-section between a tent and a hammock, and you'll literally have the best of the both worlds. At lake Myllyjärvi the Tentsile is hoisted at the lakeshore, beside a private cooking stall and a campfire site. The night here is a remarkable experience. 

On a clear night the roof of the Tentsile can be removed and the sleeper can literally sleep under the stars (and a mosquito net, as you need one in Finland!). The Natura Viva Tentsile is a Tentsile Stingray, suitable for two adults or three children or a combination of these. 


When booking the Myllyjärvi Lakeshore Tentsile, you will also have the private cooking stall and the campfire site at your disposal, and there's also access to a private outhouse. 

There are firewood and there's an axe at the cooking stall for chopping up the wood, if needed. 

Remember to bring with you: sleeping bag, sleeping mattress, matches, toilet paper (these are not included in the booking)


The Myllyjärvi Tentsile is located adjacent to the Myllyjärvi Lakeshore Cabin, about 2,5 kilometres from Fiskars Village. Cabin address: J. E. Erikssonintie 100, FI-10470 Fiskari.

The nearest grocery store is in Fiskars Village, about 2,5 kilometres walk or drive from the Tentsile. 

Reservations and usage

Check-in from 13H on arrival day, check-out latest 11H on departure day. 


Keys are situated in a smart locker, which can be found at the location. The customer will be sent a personal pin code shortly before the start of the reservation. Also a code to the cabin road gate will be sent to the customer. 

The pin code is operational throughout the rental period, so keys can and should always be left in the smart locker, when locking the cabin. When leaving the cabin at the end of the rental period, place the key back into the smart locker.

Cleaning and waste disposal

The person making the reservation is responsible for cleaning all the premises: the Tentsile, the common courtyard and the connected amenities and service. The premises have to be cleaned in such a manner, that the next guests will have a pleasant arrival. 

All guests must adhere to the principle of waste-free camping, when staying in the Tentsile and in the premises. This means, all non-burnable waste has to be taken away when leaving, all burnable waste has to be burned in the wood-fire stove or in the courtyard fireplace, and all other waste must be taken into a waste bin outside the location.

Terms and conditions

The person making the Tentsile reservation is fully responsible for the Tentsile, the common courtyard and the premises, and also for other persons visiting the premises. Please check the rental terms and conditions and the cabin rules before making your reservation.